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Outside the Same-Day Delivery Zone?

Let's see if we can do a Special Delivery, just for you.

Just do the following to see if we can do a Special Delivery for you:

1. Email, text our number or fill out the form below to let us know which store you want a Special Delivery at (extra-long distance, beyond 25km), and tell us 1 or 2 days in advance about days you would prefer for Delivery 

i.e.) If you want a Delivery on Wed or Thurs, it's best to let us know on Mon so we can check we have a driver willing to drive that distance specially for you

2. That's it! We'll confirm what time options a Driver can deliver, then you place the order in the App for that time. Same exclusive discounts, great app experience and fresh products you love, now beyond 25km.

Thanks! Message sent.

Ask us about Over $100 and Group Discounts for Special Deliveries in your area!
Shoppers and stores are both usually surprised that we deliver so far Same-Day, often up to 15-25km away from grocery stores on our platform! We make it happen because we understand how important specialty groceries are for many of us - they're our connection to our lifestyle and culture, and we literally couldn't live without these authentic foods! 
For some of you though, certain groceries we know you would love to order are still outside the 25km range, and we've seen you spend hours and pay for multiple cabs/rideshares just to pick up your favourite foods. We're inspired by your dedication, and so we wanted to add a new offering that so many of you truly wanted: 
Special Deliveries. 
These are extra-long distance deliveries that we specially coordinate. Since we want to make sure we have a driver who is willing to drive above 25km to deliver to you, all you need to do is just tell us 1 or 2 days in advance via email, text, or any other way about preferred days you want delivery, and we'll make sure we can have a driver able to deliver. Then we will tell you the time to place the order, and that's it! Everything else is the same - same great app experience, exclusive discounts and fresh products, now delivered beyond 25km.

Special Delivery Form

More Details on Special Deliveries

Cart Size
Min Order
Delivery Price
Over $100
Over $150
Under 15km
Set by Store
Free Same-Day Delivery
Free Same-Day Delivery
Set by Store
Free Same-Day Delivery
Special (25km+)
Free Delivery!
Coordinated, contact us to order for this distance
Special Delivery Pricing