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What's On Your Mind?

When using any type of app or service, you've probably thought to yourself
"it would be so great if this feature worked like this" or
"my life would be so much easier if the creators added this". 
We would love to hear your thoughts in these moments - the little things would make your experience just that much better. 
That's why we've created this section, dedicated to hearing your feedback. If you have comments or feedback about how current features are working, how the app design looks and flows, new features you want to see or any other part of your Tasteport experience, let us know here! We want to help you explore the world of food the way you want to. 

Have customer experience issues, suggestions for new features or want to leave a compliment about what you liked? Let us know here.

We appreciate everything.


Thanks! Message sent.

Need help with using the Tasteport app or ordering?


Need help with using the Tasteport app or ordering?


Want to report a technical issue instead, or need support?


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