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The following offers are currently available in all regions and cities in Canada and US, including: Hillsborough, North York, Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, and the Downtown Toronto Core, among other areas. 

Contact us for any questions on any of the offers below and please read all details on each, as they may be subject to conditions and change anytime.

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Give To A Friend, Get Yourself Ten (NOW UNLIMITED!)

We love seeing people share good food and a good time. When you when you share Tasteport with a friend so they get their first delivery FREE, you'll get $10.00 OFF yourself too. 

Send us an email or text for any friend you refer, and once they place their first order, your account will receive $10.00 of free groceries!

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Tasteport is now giving you a 100% Free Delivery on your first time trying us out!


Forget just 1 or 2% cash back on groceries. Here, you can get 15% of free specialty groceries if your first order is over $75. AND Free Same-Day Delivery. Now you can enjoy new unique and authentic flavours from the comfort of home, and surprisingly, you'll actually be saving money this way. 
If you've been thinking about trying a store or some products out that interested you, this is the sign you've been waiting for.
Not at $75? You can still qualify for a Free Same-Day Delivery on your 1st order!
Not your 1st order? Don't worry, there's great deals for you too. Check out the offer above about Giving To Friends. You can get $30.00+ Off and more of your favourite grocery options. 
Ensure your order is placed at a store you are 15km or less away if you want to get a $0 Delivery Fee. Small Long Distance charge for orders above 15km (only $1.99). 
Offers subject to change.  Turn on marketing emails in your Account Settings to always get the latest campaign offers, promotions and updates on in-store savings.

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