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greater Toronto area

The following offers are currently available in all regions and cities in the Greater Toronto Area, including:

North York, Scarborough, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Newmarket, Aurora, Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, and the Downtown Toronto Core, among other areas. 

Contact us for any questions on any of the offers below and please read all details on each, as they may be subject to conditions and change anytime.

#ShareTheThanks and Get Up to $50 of Groceries Delivered!



This Thanksgiving and fall, more than ever, gratitude & sharing are so important for all of us to stay hopeful, happy and healthy. That's why we are rewarding you this month for showing others what you're thankful for, and the food you love to share. Here's how it works:

1. Share a recipe & picture or video of food you've made with your last grocery order, or want to make with your next order on Tasteport. Tell people why you're thankful, It can be a post or story!

2. Tag Tasteport on Facebook/Instagram and use the #ShareTheThanks. Even better is if you tag friends and family to join this challenge with you!







That's it! In 2 steps you'll automatically be entered for a $50.00 Free Groceries + Free Same-Day Delivery draw & have your recipe be featured alongside chefs/bloggers at tasteport.com/recipes. Contest now until Nov 7th, 2020.

BONUS: All entrants will also get a GUARANTEED $10.00 of Free Groceries on their next grocery order!*

Not able to share a recipe? 

We encourage you to share a recipe/food so we can try flavours made by each other and get get closer as a community. If you can't, we still want you to participate and brighten up someone's day, so you can instead:

1. Share a message or photo/video of what you are thankful for. Even better is if you tell others something to keep them hopeful/happy this fall. It can be a post or story!

2. Tag Tasteport on Facebook/Instagram and use the #ShareTheThanks.

Doing the above, you'll still get a GUARANTEED $5.00 off your next order, combineable with other deals!*


Contact us or email support@tasteport.com if you have any questions, and otherwise, have a great Thanksgiving, October and fall! We can't wait to see how you brighten up someone's day with what you share.


*One award of guaranteed $10.00 for sharing a recipe, $5.00 for a message/post of what you are thankful for per person. Can have multiple posts for multiple entries on the draw. Must tag @tasteport and follow above rules. Recipes and posts may all have a chance to be featured as well in other ways. Campaign live until 11:59PM Nov 7th, 2020

Give To A Friend, Get Yourself Ten (NOW UNLIMITED!)

We love seeing people share good food and a good time. When you when you share Tasteport with a friend so they get their First Delivery Free, you'll get $10.00 for yourself too. 

Send us an email or text for any friend you refer, and once they place their first order, your account will receive $10.00 of free groceries!

Right now we're working to put this in the app, so for now contact us for more details if you have friends you want to refer. Just email us at info@tasteport.com and we'll make sure you get the $10.00 of groceries you deserve! It really does pay to be a good friend.^

Free Same-Day Delivery on Your 1st Order (No Minimum!)

For a limited time, Tasteport is now giving you a 100% Free Delivery on your first time trying us out!
We believe you'll love it as soon as you try it, that's why we're going to pay for your first Delivery - we don't want you to miss out. The Free Delivery will be applied to any order at any store on our app.* You just have to be within 15km of the store and you'll be able to place that order. Long Distance orders above 15km from stores will also only be $1.99 on the first order, to help compensate the extra long trip. Just sign up, explore your community's stores, and make a Delivery purchase to feel how easy it is to use the Tasteport platform for accessing the world of food around you.
We love creating awesome experiences for people like you, so please try out how our service works and let us know how you like it. You can let us know how we're doing at tasteport.com/feedback anytime. If there is a store you'd like to see on the Tasteport platform, let us know at tasteport.com/stores and we'll work to bring them on for you as fast as possible. 
*.  Ensure your order is placed at a store you are 15km or less away if you want to get a $0 Delivery Fee. Small Long Distance charge for orders above 15km (only $1.99 though). Offers subject to change. 
^.  Give To A Friend, Get Ten offer is available for an unlimited amount of friends, though is subject to approval of Tasteport.  Users must reach out to us so we can verify a referral currently, so please email info@tasteport.com when you want to refer a friend. 
Turn on marketing emails in your Account Settings to always get the latest campain offers, promotions and updates on in-store savings.

~This offer is valid only on your first order, through Aug 28th 11:59PM. Not able to hit $100? You can still qualify for the Free Same-Day Delivery on your first order

$15 OFF When You Reach $100 on Your 1st Order!


New to Tasteport? This is the best time ever to try us out.

Forget just 1 or 2% cash back on groceries. From August 18th - Aug 28th, you'll get $15.00 of free specialty groceries if your first order is over $100. AND Free Same-Day Delivery. Now you can enjoy new unique and authentic flavours from the comfort of home, and surprisingly, you'll actually be saving money this way. 

If you've been thinking about trying a store or some products out that interested you, this is the sign you've been waiting for.

Not at $100? You can still qualify for a Free Same-Day Delivery on your 1st order!


Not your 1st order? Don't worry, there's great deals for you too. Check out the offer below about Giving To Friends. You can get $30.00+ Off and more your favourite grocery options. 

$1 Delivery Canada Day Special!

To celebrate the food that makes us diverse & Canadian, we want to help you enjoy this Canada Day your way. Get the specialty and authentic ingredients that you love delivered for just $1 until July 12th, 2020.
$1 Delivery is valid on ALL orders at ALL stores on Tasteport up to 15km! For deliveries beyond this, a discount will still be applied and so deliveries up to 25km will be $2.99 for Delivery, and beyond that $3.99 for Special Long Distance Deliveries outside a store's usual zone. Ask us for more info or if you have any questions, we are happy to help.


Free Delivery All May


After a lot of appreciation during April on this offer, we've decided to extend it until May 31st! We want to support you and your family's wellness by encouraging you to stay home with Free Delivery now until May 31st at all our stores. Stay connected to your culture & lifestyle by enjoying the foods you love and essentials you need to stay healthy without worrying about going out. 
Staying in doesn't mean we have to give up our connections and the things we love - right now it's more important than ever that we all still move forward together throughout these testing times. With many businesses and people showing remarkable displays of contribution to help the COVID-19 support cause, and we want to stand together with them through making an impact where we believe families definitely need it right now - getting quality food in a safe & healthy manner. We hope this offer really helps with that. 
Free Deliveries will be provided on all orders up to 15km from any store we currently work with, and beyond that all Long Distance deliveries above 15km will also be discounted (they will now only be $1.99 for up to 25km). We are also working to bring on as many new stores as possible to increase your options during May and beyond, so please let us know your suggestions for stores at tasteport.com/stores. If you need support you can go to tasteport.com/help and any other feedback can be provided at tasteport.com/feedback. We are here to help, so reach out if you need us. Learn more about our new initiatives & supports during this situation at tasteport.com/covid-19.
Summer Send Off - Free Same-Day Delivery EVERYWHERE!


Let's enjoy every moment of summer left that we have! We'll help - until Sept 22nd, get Free Same-Day Delivery EVERYWHERE on Tasteport. That's right, your grocery orders at all stores on Tasteport will get Free-Same Day Delivery so that you can spend more time finishing off your summer the way you want. 

Offer automatically applied at checkout. Use this offer as many times as you want before Sept 22nd!*

*Offer valid through Sept 10th - 22nd, 2020, min $50 order, redeemable at all stores on Tasteport, can be used unlimited times. 


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