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Always hear about the latest flavours and fresh offers near you.

Great food, awesome deals and exciting updates are just some of the many things we love to share with you through our emails. Whether it's saving $100's this year or becoming the person all your friends see as the taste authority, we're real excited for you to join in experiencing the world of food around you like never before.
Not part of the club yet? Don't worry, you're invited.
Subscribe to our email club here:
Already a member? Make sure your spam filter isn't losing making you lose out on amazing offers.
With all of us using email so much, it's made the amount of email spam really skyrocket in recent years. This has made spam filters get more aggressive, but while trying to protect us, sometimes these filters attack the wrong emails.
To make sure you directly receive all offers right away, here are easy instructions of how to make sure you get Tasteport emails by "whitelisting" them. You can do these for all your favourite email senders! This way, you can claim offers ASAP and enjoy flavours as soon as they're available.
Gmail (Webmail & Mobile)
Gmail on Web
To make sure you receives offers from us right in your "Primary" Tab, just follow this quick 2-step process:
1. Select the email message in the tab it's currently filed under and drag-and-drop it into to the "Primary Tab" like this:
2. A pop-up at the bottom left of the screen should come up. Select "Yes" and great offers will land right in your Primary Inbox so you always know about what's new and available.
Gmail on Mobile
For Mobile, tap on the Menu first to see Tabs your Gmail is separated into, then tap on Promotions or wherever you found the email to get started.
1. Select the message and tap on the move column from the options that appear below.
2. Tap on the "Primary" option and the email will be moved there. Doing this on web is usually better as you can save this for all future emails easily.
Apple Mail (Mac OS X and iOS Devices)
Apple Mail on iOS (iPhones)
For Apple Mail on iPhone (iOS Devices), mail usually isn't sorted as much, but emails you want to read may still accidentally land in spam. To ensure you receive all offers, do the following:
1. For mobile, it's super fast. Just tap on the "From" Contact and then tap Add to Contacts via the Create New Contact, Add to Existing Contact or Add to VIP Options. Done!
Add to VIP will help separate these offers into a special mailbox so you can always easily find them, and is an option if you'd like to always see and save these offers quickly.
Android (Default Client)
For Android, this one's just as fast. Open the email and touch the picture of the email sender that shows up before the message. Click "Add to Contacts" and you're set!
(The Rest are Coming Soon, for now, check out another useful guide):
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