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Never miss out on an awesome feature again.
Discovering what's new every single time an app is updated isn't always easy, but it should be. That's why we created this page to help you explore all the latest features we've added, along with providing a tutorial so you can see how they can help you enjoy Tasteport even more. 

Additional Notes

Tell stores exactly how you like your food prepared or picked!

Feature Overview
Want your meat pre-cut? How do you like your produce? No matter what your preferences are, you can now let the stores know so that they complete your orders the way you want them to.
How It Works
1. Add items to your Cart that you want to add instructions to.
2. Click on the "Instructions" button underneath that item, and a text box will pop up so that you can include your instructions and comments for your groceries.
3. Once you confirm your note, it will now appear in green so that you can easily tell which items have instructions attached to them so far. 
4. Review your Cart and click "Edit Instructions" if you would like to change your preferences.  
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