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Get paid weekly by delivering your way, on your time


Work and Pay That's Truly Flexible 
At Tasteport, our goal with the Driver Program is to provide opportunities for Drivers to really earn when they want to. This way, it can easily mix with a variety of life and work styles to help you meet anything you're saving up for - paying off a car or student loans, your next vacation to a brand new destination, or adding to your savings account until you figure out what that next goal is. Whether you have a full time job and want to earn extra on evenings or weekends, a freelancer or artist who wants more daytime pay, or just love driving and are always looking to cruise, we hope the Tasteport Driver program can be a fit for you.  
How You Get Paid
All Drivers get paid weekly, directly to their bank account, every Friday. For example, if you earn $250 from deliveries & tips Monday to Sunday at 11:59PM on one week, you'll be paid your $250 the following Friday.  


Current Earnings Offers

Guarantee Pay

Earn $250 on your first 20 deliveries*

Flexibility of schedules is awesome, but it's even better if the pay can be consistent too when you're testing out a new engagement. We understand you may drive a lot or a little, so we've added in consistent rewards that all new drivers can enjoy to get in the rhythm. This winter, $250 of fares will be guaranteed on a driver's first 20 deliveries, plus tips, and there is no time limit from when you apply! As long as you're a verified driver on our platform before March 31st, 2023 you'll be eligible for this offer.

Earn $600 on your first 50 deliveries*

If you liked the above Guarantee, you'll love this one. After you hit 50 deliveries as a new driver, you'll be guaranteed a whole $600 plus the tips! Again, no time limit from when you apply. As long as you're a verified driver on our platform before March 31st, 2023 you'll be eligible for this offer.

Examples of Guarantee Pay

Example 1: $500 earned on first 50 deliveries
If you complete 50 deliveries and only made $500 before tips, great news - you'll be getting $100 more! Even if it takes until September 1st, 2023, as long as you were verified before March 31st, 2023, you'll be able to the reward.
Example 2: $300 earned on first 20 deliveries
If you've already earned over $250 on your first 20 deliveries by completing a lot of long distance orders or from other bonuses/fare increases, then great job! You already got more than $250, so your guarantee has been met through our system.
Either way, you'll always hit the guarantee amount.

Bringing It Back From Beta

Guaranteed $10.00/order delivered**

Drivers loved it in beta, so we're going to keep this offer live during 2023! What it means is Tasteport will guarantee you at least $10.00 per order for any delivery you complete, no matter how short the distance! And you keep 100% of any tips you get on top. Now that's something to look forward to. 

Normally, you would be paid based on how factors such as distance driven and amount of orders completed in one trip, where pay would be variable and likely lower per order as most orders would not require long distances to be driven. While this offer is live, even the shortest of drives will always be given $10 flat per order! If you complete multiple orders in the same trip too, you will get $10 for every single one. Any distance over 15km up to 25km will be given an extra $3.00 straight to you! Earn big during while this offer is live, and be excited knowing exactly what you'll make every time you drive with us.
*You must have been approved by Tasteport and have your Tasteport Partner Driver account created and verified before May 31st, 2023 to be eligible for the above Guarantee Pay Offers. The above Incentives will last until June 31st, 2023
, unless otherwise stated, but may be modified anytime. Email if you have questions, concerns or comments - we'd love to hear from you. We wish you safe journeys!

**Guarantee per order delivered is based on the fact drivers are i) verified to drive on the Tasteport platform ii) Orders delivered had no issues in transit with the order iii) drivers continue to comply with all standards related to driving record, insurance and anything related to initial checks, along with ongoing order performance standards. Small fees may apply in certain scenarios to process transfers into driver accounts, but usually this increases how fast drivers are paid. Email for a full list of up-to-date standards & to ask any questions.

Offers are provide on an as-is basis and are subject to change, but we'll keep you informed through pages like these and emails
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