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During this testing time, we want to first wish the best for you, your friends, family and loved ones & hope you remain well and safe throughout this situation. It's commonly said we are all in this together, and we believe that is especially the case when it comes to our collective health & well-being. Without our health, we can't enjoy, share and give in the ways we love, and so this is our first priority for everyone. 
To ensure we at Tasteport are doing everything we can to help, we are continuing to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, understand updates and changes, and make improvements accordingly. Here are the following initiatives we have already put in place beyond our regular health & safety standards to help in this situation:


Contactless Delivery & Other Additional Options

Updated for
wave 3 & 4

To help limit exposure for both you and our Drivers, we have instructed anyone delivering to opt for a Contactless Drop Off approach whenever possible.
How this works:
1. The Driver will drop off your groceries by your door (either in bags or inside an open Tasteport Insulated Bag) while wearing gloves
2. They will ring the bell or give you a call, and then step at least 6 feet away or return to their car. This way, you can check your items are as expected while maintaining a safe distance. 
3. Drivers will confirm with you that you received the items you expected either from afar or by phone

Using these steps, both you and the Driver can keep yourselves and others safe while still helping you get the essentials you need to stay healthy. 

Other options you also have include requesting certain products be double wrapped in bags (please be mindful of the footprint) in "Instructions" beside an item in your Cart, or asking the Driver to call you once dropped off so you can communicate without them having to ring the doorbell. Add any instructions you like for your comfort in "Delivery Instructions" by going to Change Address > Edit, and feel safe being healthy.

For Apartments/Condos:
Due to the recent increases of COVID-19 cases, though we do usually do condo/apartment deliveries right to door, some condos are now mandating drop-offs only to concierge (and many of you prefer this), so we will deliver to concierge as the general practice temporarily during COVID-19. We hope this makes it safer for you and your building residents. 

However, upon Special Request, we can deliver to apartment door, so please let us know if you need this to accommodate your personal situation. We are here to help everyone out so you can stay as healthy and happy as possible as we make it through Wave 3 & 4 together. 

Providing All Drivers Access to Safety Equipment

Our Drivers are going the extra mile right now to make sure you and your community get the groceries you need. To help them stay safe, we've informed all drivers on our platform that we will reimburse and pay for safety equipment they need such as gloves during this time so that each Driver is able to earn a living and deliver in as safe a manner as possible.
Rubber Gloves

Working With Our Stores & Drivers to Increase Safety Precautions

In addition to the high healthy & safety standards Ontario-based grocery stores already uphold, we have informed our stores who prepare your orders to wear gloves and masks during preparation, as they often are already while servicing in-store customers. In addition, all transfers of groceries into bags between store staff and Drivers are also done with each member wearing gloves, and extra measures are being taken to ensure in-use surfaces are disinfected more often. 
Sanitizing Products

Sharing with Friends? Enjoy Bonus Free Groceries ($30.00+)

Many of you are sharing our service with friends and family in need of Grocery Delivery during COVID-19. To show our appreciation for you helping loved ones out, we want to are giving Bonus Free Groceries. 
Now get $10.00 Bonus Free Groceries for every 2 friends referred, meaning $30.00 of Free Groceries for 2 shares. Sharing with 4? Get $60.00. Offer active all Winter 2021. Use at any store, see to claim. 
Help loved ones stay connected to their culture & lifestyle by enjoying the foods you all love and essentials you need to stay healthy without worrying about going out. You can view details and more recent offers at

woman in kitchen
If you have any other questions about health & safety for grocery delivery at our stores or need help and support in anyway, don't hesitate to reach out to us by going to
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