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Beta Offers

Free Credit on Your First Try


This offer is now over, but look below for how you can get a Free Delivery during our beta.
For a limited time, Tasteport is offering customers $10.00 of free groceries to kick off our beta! 
This $10 will come in the form of a credit on your first purchase of $50 or more*, at any store on our app! If you're looking for a smaller basket, we also are offering $5 off your first order $35 or more. Just sign up, explore your community's stores, and make a purchase to feel how easy it is to use the Tasteport platform for accessing the world of food around you - plus save big while doing it!

Free Delivery on Your First Order

For a limited time, Tasteport is now giving you a 100% Free Delivery on your first time trying Delivery!
The Free Delivery will be applied to any order at any store on our app, no restrictions! You just have to be within 25km of the store and you'll be able to place that order. Just sign up, explore your community's stores, and make a delivery purchase to feel how easy it is to use the Tasteport platform for accessing the world of food around you.
We love creating awesome experiences for people like you, so please try out how our service works and let us know how you like it. You can let us know how we're doing at anytime. If there is a store you'd like to see on the Tasteport platform, let us know at and we'll work to bring them on for you as fast as possible. 
Give Ten, Get Ten

We love seeing people share good food and a good time. When you when you share our app with a friend so they can get $10 of free groceries, you'll get $10 for yourself too.


This offer will be available soon into beta, and we'll give you an update when it's live! As soon as your friend gets their free credit on Tasteport by making their first grocery order over $50, just like you did, you'll get $10 for helping them try out our platform. It really does pay to be a good friend!


Getting to Know Your Tastes
Tell us what you like & get more free groceries. Stay hungry and check our app to see if we currently have beta surveys** available that have credits attached to them.
Our team has been working extremely hard to try and give you the shopping experience you've always wanted, but the person who really knows what you like best is you! Tell us your preferences about different features or areas of our app and service in surveys marked "Beta" and have rewards attached. Free food just for saying how you like to get that food? What could be better.
We will usually only put these surveys out for a limited time, so we'll notify you*** when these offers are released so that you can take advantage of as many as possible and we can keep building a better app for you. 
*.  Offer only valid for first order through the Tasteport app. Make sure your first order is over the designated amounts, or you won't be able to receive the trial credit. Limited to 250 customers
^.  Give Ten Get Ten offer is only available when invited friends purchase $50 or more on their first. Offer not currently available - users can turn on notifications to be notified about the start date of this offer.
** Beta surveys are not currently available, but will be able to accessed in-app within your Sidebar once they are live. Check your notifications, email or check back     here to be informed about when we launch our first offer!
***Turn on marketing emails in your Account Settings to always get the latest campain offers, promotions and updates on in-store savings
Beta Terms and Conditions

Last Updated August 1st, 2018

Tasteport is a mobile app available on both the Google Play and Apple Stores. Upon beta release, users will be able to download the app to test out the value of the product, specific features, design and other components and will be asked to provide feedback at several points. The goal of the beta is to better serve customers as Tasteport grows, and all information on usage collected subject to our Privacy Policy ( unless otherwise specified and granted permissions by the beta user. To claim the exclusive beta rewards provided by Tasteport to initial users, the users must comply with all terms and conditions set forth and cooperate with Tasteport's requests for information and feedback. Beta users are free to opt out any point, however, will not receive the advertised credit towards groceries if terms and conditions are not adequately met.

All information collected by Tasteport is subject to our Privacy Policy. The purpose of the emails and information collected through the Tasteport website and in-app surveys is to solely provide a better experience and give information to users about the new offers, beta updates and other relevant information to the product launch. Tasteport will never share the email of a user without specific consent and permission being provided by said user. Information collected throughout the beta process will be kept in the strictest confidentiality by Tasteport, unless otherwise specified by the user. It will be made clear for comments, user testimonials and other public consumer advocations that their responses are being made public or will be shared with other 3rd parties for the benefit of the Tasteport ecosystem and providing consumers with the best possible services.

Overview of Beta
Use of Information

Tasteport offers an array of incentives to help users familiarize themselves and enjoy the many benefits of the marketplace. Some of these rewards, whether in the beta phase or towards the future, will require certain conditions to be met. The specific terms and conditions of compliance for each reward will be made clear through both the mobile app and information sent to the user's email about the reward offer. It is a requirement to meet these stated conditions to receive your rewards. Conditions may include but are not limited to living within a specific country, cooperating with feedback requests for product improvements and providing additional personal information to properly use the mobile application as intended. 

Eligibility for Exclusive Rewards

More information will be provided about the beta about privacy, terms and rewards via the email you used to sign up (used solely for communication). If you have any questions, feel free to contact to learn more about how we're creating our products to serve you. 

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