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We've gotten an incredible amount of requests recently, and we're doing our best to fulfill as many as we can.


More stores are coming soon all over the Greater Toronto Area. Download, Sign Up & tell us your requests and we'll give you all the updates by email


COMMUNITY's stores


Stores not carrying all the products you want to see?
Or want to see your favourite stores on here as soon as you can?
Tell us! We want this app to let you get all your groceries in one place. 
How amazing would it be to buy literally any type of food - ethnic, organic, specialty, local-grown, and more - all from the comfort of your own home? That's the goal we have in mind at Tasteport - ultra convenience so you can just enjoy what groceries should be about - discovering culture & tasting new food. 
To make that possible, please tell us all your favourite stores. That way, we can try to get as many of them on our app as possible and make exploring the world of food around you easier than ever!

What are your favourite grocery stores in the Greater Toronto Area? Let us know and we'll get them on as soon as we can!


Thanks! Message sent.

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