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Tempura Vegetables

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Most people can't easily find and access the ingredients they need for that awesome new recipe they just saw, so they never get to try it.

Fortunately, that struggle ends for you now. 
Every single recipe here can be ordered for Same-Day Delivery from stores on our platform so you can savour them today!
Photo, Recipe and Styling by @the.kari.tales. Check her out here

Spinach & Paneer Dumplings (Kofta) in Cashew Curry

Smooth, creamy cashew curries and mouthwatering paneer dumpling koftas make this main course dish one to remember by everyone who tries it. Enjoy with fresh naan breads or parathas to create a heavenly Indian pairing.
Recipe and Styling by Tasteport Chefs
Looking for something different for dinner but trying to stay healthy? Then this chilli chicken will be your best friend. It's succulent and flavourful, yet filling and nutritious, using lean chicken breasts, lightly sautéed veggies and whole wheat noodles as it's building blocks. 
You can make servings that are less than 500 calories each, but still feel full and satisfied immediately after. The spiciness is sure to help immunity too. Ready to spice things up with this Thai dish?

Chilli Chicken & Whole Wheat Noodles

Butter Paneer Chizza - WaddupCanadaRecip
Photo, Recipe and Styling by @waddupcanada. Check them out here
This fusion dish a blend of popular favourites from across the world: Italian shortcrust pizza meets Indian Paneer and butter chicken gravy! As a vegetarian dish, feel confident serving this as an appetizer or main meal at any get together. With how gooey the paneer these is though, maybe make an extra one for yourself for good measure. 

Butter Paneer Chizza

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